Sports Floors & Line Marking

Sports Floors & Line Marking

At Crean UK we have extensive experience in installing a wide range of Sports Floors, together with a suitable range of accessories & Line Markings.

The following are the main products we use for this area:

  • Juncker’s Fixed Timber Sports Floors Systems

At Crean UK Flooring, we love extraordinary quality and the Juncker’s floors are designed to last – both in style and when it comes to the lifetime of the floor. We just love to treat our customers with sustainable, high-end solid hardwood floors to affordable prices!

 Vinyl & Rubber Sport floors

  • Gerflor Taraflex  & Evolution Vinyl Sports Floors
  • Polyflor Sport 67 Vinyl Sports Flooring
  • Tarkett Omnisports vinyl Sports Systems
  • Forbo Marmoleum Sport & Sportline Collection linoleum Sport floors
  • Mondo Rubber Sports Systems

When it comes to sports and leisure venues, we know that the safety and comfort of your customers is a top priority. With our vast range of vinyl, Rubber & Linoleum Sports Floors, we have a proposal that can meet all requirements without compromising on style and visual impact.

Line Marking

At Crean UK Flooring, we don’t just fit the sports floors themselves, we also dress the floors. Each of the above sports systems have their own unique and compatible line marking paints. 

Most floors require “Line Markings” , and will have a specific requirement regarding the number of courts, the type of courts, and the colour of each court. At Crean UK, we also install these Line markings, and leave a floor, ready for action.

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